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The manufacture of waffles has a long traditon in Austria, especially in its capital Vienna.

austrian beer Probably the most important waffle manufacturer in Austria is Manner from Vienna. It was Josef Manner who founded the confectionery dynasty in 1890. Josef Manner, a merchant by trade, had a small shop in Stephansplatz in the heart of Vienna where he sold chocolates and coffee.

Pischinger is another traditional waffle and chocolate manufacturer from Vienna. Pischinger is well known since 1849. With the invention of the "Viennese Pischinger Cake" in the year 1881, the enterprise became famous in the whole Austria-Hungarian monarchy.

Blaschke from Lower Austria invented his Kokoskuppel in the year 1921. A wonderful composition of crispy waffles, finest cacao creme and light cocos dipped in chocolate. Popular from 1921 since today!

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